By Ronnie Macdonald from Chelmsford, United Kingdom - Brazil v Scotland 22, CC BY 2.0,
By Ronnie Macdonald from Chelmsford, United Kingdom - Brazil v Scotland 22, CC BY 2.0,

Scotland the European Champion!

Deeply moved, and heartened by the Scots’ popular stance against brexit, and willing to empower their Euro-unionist bravehearts, we’ve written this answer to their last call in the old form of an ode. It is indeed an ode to our brothers and sisters Scots. We should all be Scots now, in this dark days of European history.


Walking up the mount of plusses

We’ve  reached zero

or the plateau.


There will still be down

There will still be minus

hours, months, years

climb and descent

and descent.

It’s waiting for us

and we already know. We are ready for everything, although

not necessarily.

Especially inevitable death

We’d prefer to avoid.

That’s why we put the pedal to the metal!


We are the people of the West.

The suns and changes set on us

One after the other.

Infinitely many

One and another.

Until the head spins.

We are ready for unpreparedness.

(or perhaps vice versa).

We await the blond thug.

We blow on the fire of the end,

of which we want to know nothing.


Oh Scots brothers and sisters

Meanwhile you’ve risen

with your beautiful call.

The song.

Your song and ours.

Enlightened from the tower of Hume in Edinburgh

You throw your

challenging no

at the great No

of the planet’s twilight

Saving the humanity of European peoples!

O sister of the island you’ve

set the bar high

for the last European!


(There are the masters in kilts

who walk arm in arm

with a sense of history

playing the bagpipes.

You are the champions – yes!)


Now we all need to be better

We all must be Scots.

Play the bagpipes of history. Wear kilts.

They need not be tartan.

What does not strengthen us

Will kill us.

(As Hume said.)


The coming days

they will sing hymns

to today’s dreamers

endless hymns.

Scotland, you’ll still be Europe.

Europe, you’ll still be Scotland.


And let our love

be full of admiration!

DATA PUBLIKACJI: 1 lipca 2016